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Investing Has Been Ugly. Stick With It Anyway

NYT AI case vs OpenAI, Microsoft could be 'watershed moment'

The New York Times filed a lawsuit against ChatGPT developer OpenAI and Microsoft claiming they unlawfully used its content to train AI bots, thereby threatening its journalistic work.

Gems Hiding in Plain Sight in Treasury Market

Amid legal troubles, Changpeng Zhao’s wealth increased by $25B in 2023

Bloomberg ranked the former Binance CEO as the 35th wealthiest person on the planet, ahead of Citadel CEO Ken Griffin and behind Uniqlo CEO Tadashi Yanai.

The Bond Market, The Sleeping Giant, Awakes!

SEC sets deadline for spot Bitcoin ETF updates on Dec. 29

The issuers that don’t meet the Dec. 29 deadline will not be part of the first wave of potential spot Bitcoin ETF approvals in early January.

Why Bank Suddenly Closing Customer Account

DeFi project aims to unlock a multibillion-dollar market with new DeFi Debit Card

DeFi project works on a debit card for everyday shopping with global support for financial transactions.

Do You Use Checks? And Do They Work Well?

Trader hits $2M jackpot after putting $62 into a Solana memecoin

On-chain data shows that about $528,000 has already been cashed out, while the remaining tokens worth about $1.5 million remain in the trader’s wallet.

In Stock Market, Don’t Buy and Sell. Just Hold.

Nvidia releases special chip for China, US export control compliant

The semiconductor chip developer Nvidia has launched a new China-focused chip that allows it access to the local market while still complying with U.S. export controls.